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Axion XQ LRF
Axion XQ LRF

Table of contents

Quick Menu Functions

The basic settings (adjusting brightness and contrast, using the Smooth Digital Zoom) can be changed using the quick access menu.

  • Enter the menu by briefly pressing the MENU (3).
  • A short press of the МENU (3) button enables you to toggle between functions, as described below.

Brightness   – press the UP (4) / DOWN (2) buttons to change display brightness from 0 to 20.

Contrast – press the UP (4) / DOWN (2) buttons to change image contrast from 0 to 20.

Base Mode – allows you to select one of the three other observation modes (Forest, Rocks, Identification) as the base for the User mode.

Smooth Digital Zoom  – press the UP (4) / DOWN (2) button to change the value of the digital zoom from 3.5 to 14. The digital zoom changes in 0.1 increments.

  • Press and hold the MENU (3) button to exit the menu or wait for 10 seconds to exit automatically.