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Axion 2
Axion 2

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Video Recording and Photography

Axion 2 thermal imagers are capable of video recording and photography. Videos and images are saved on the built-in memory card.

Before using this feature please set the date and time (see General Settings section).

For information on how to watch recorded photos and videos, see the Stream Vision 2 user manual: Android, iOS.

The built-in recorder operates in two modes Video and Photo.

Video mode. Video recording

1. Switch to Video mode by pressing and holding the DOWN/REC (3) button.

2. The icon and the remaining recording time in HH:MM (Hours:Minutes) format are displayed in the upper left corner, for example 4:20.

3. Press the DOWN/REC (3) button briefly to start video recording.

4. When the video recording starts, the icon  will disappear and the REC icon and timer in MM:SS (Minutes:Seconds) format will appear .

5. Pause and resume recording video with a short press of the DOWN/REC (3) button.

6. Stop recording video with a long press of the DOWN/REC (3) button.

7. Video files are saved to the built-in memory card after the video recording has been stopped.

8. Press and hold the DOWN/REC (3) button to switch between the Video and Photo modes (Video-> Photo-> Video…).

Photo Mode. Capturing an image

1. Switch to the Photo mode by pressing and holding the DOWN/REC (3) button.

2. Press the DOWN/REC (3) button briefly to take a photo. The icon  flashes – the photo file is being saved to the built-in SD card.


  • You can enter and operate the menu during video recording.
  • Recorded videos and photos are saved to the internal memory card in the format img_xxx.jpg (photos), video_xxx.mp4 (videos).
  • Videos are recorded in clips with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. The number of recorded files is limited by the capacity of unit’s internal memory.
  • Regularly check the free capacity of the internal memory and move recorded footage to other storage media to free up space on the internal memory card.
  • In case of a memory card error, you can use the format function in the General Settings section of the main menu.

  • When the Display Off function is activated, video recording continues to run in the background.