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Merger Duo
Merger Duo

Table of contents

PiP Function

Available in thermal imaging and digital mode

PiP ("Picture in Picture") allows you to see a zoomed image simultaneously with the main image in a dedicated window.

In this mode, the same image channel is displayed in the main window and the PiP window.

To use the multispectral PiP mode, see Image Modes (Thermal Imaging/Digital/Multispectral PiP).

  • Turn on/off the PiP function with a long press of UP/ZOOM (7) button.
  • Change zoom ratio in the PiP window with a short press of UP/ZOOM (7) button.
  • The zoomed image is displayed in a dedicated window, while the image in the rest of the screen is displayed at base magnification.
  • When PiP is turned on, you can operate the discrete and continuous digital zoom. The magnification will take place only in the dedicated window.
  • When PiP is turned off, the image is shown with the optical magnification set for the PiP function.