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Merger Duo
Merger Duo

Table of contents

Quick Menu

The quick menu is used to quickly access the settings for brightness, contrast, smooth digital zoom and use the stadiametric rangefinder.

  • Enter the menu with a short press of the МENU (9) button.
  • To toggle between the functions below, press successively the МENU (9) button.

Brightness – press briefly the UP (7)/DOWN (8) buttons to change display brightness from 0 to 20.

Contrast – press briefly the UP (7)/DOWN (8) buttons to change display contrast from 0 to 20.

Smooth digital zoom – press the UP (7)/DOWN (8) buttons to change digital zoom.

Smooth digital zoom is in 0.1x increments.

Stadiometric Rangefinder  - change the position of special marker lines to determine the distance to the object being observed by pressing the UP (7)/DOWN (8) buttons (for more details see the Stadiametric Rangefinder section).

  • To exit quick menu, press and hold down the МENU (9) button or wait 5 sec for automatic exit.