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Merger LRF
Merger LRF

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Merger LRF thermal imaging binoculars are made with the external design of classic daytime binoculars and provide comfortable viewing with both eyes.

Merger LRF binoculars accommodate day and nighttime observations. Merger LRF provide exceptional image quality even in adverse weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) and beyond obstacles like branches, tall grass, dense foliage, etc. known to hinder target detection.

Merger LRF devices do not require an external light source and are not affected by bright light exposure.

These binoculars are equipped with a precise built-in laser rangefinger capable of measuring distances up to 1000 m accurately (± 1 m).

Merger LRF thermal imaging binoculars are perfectly suited for night hunting, observation, trail orientation, identifying hazards, rescue operations, etc.  

To get started, see the sections:

Battery Charging

Battery Installation

Powering on and Image Setting

Laser Rangefinder

Stream Vision 2