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Merger LRF
Merger LRF

Table of contents

Switching and Changing the Batteries

Merger LRF devices are powered by 2 batteries: built-in Battery Pack and removable Battery Pack APS3.

  1. If there are two batteries in the device at the same time, two battery icons are displayed in the status bar (1 - built-in battery, 2 - removable battery). The device battery is displayed in white, inactive – in grey.
  2. When there is no removable battery in the device, only one icon for the built-in battery displays in white in the status bar.
  3. When both batteries are fully charged, the device is powered by the removable battery. If there is low removable battery level, the device will switch to the built-in battery.
  4. Battery charge level is displayed in % above the icon in the status bar while charging.
  5. It is possible to replace the removable battery even while the device is on.

Attention!  When installing a removable battery with a sufficient charge level, the device will automatically switch to it.