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Ultra S IR illuminator
Ultra S IR illuminator

Table of contents

Installing the IR Illuminator

  1. If a standard IR illuminator is installed on the device, remove it according to the operations manual.
  2. If the device does not have an IR illuminator, turn the plug (6) according to the image and pull it in the opposite direction from the device/ batter (Digisight Ultra LRF digital riflescopes).
  3. Remove the cover (1) of the quick-release IR illuminator.
  4. To do this, lift up the lever (3) gently holding the illuminator cover for the Digisight Ultra N450/N455 LRF digital riflescopes, Forward F455 attachments and Forward FN455 devices. For Digisight Ultra N450/N455 digital riflescopes – pull down the lever (3).
  5. Lift up the lever (3) of the IR illuminator.
  6. Firmly attach the Pulsar Ultra-X850S/-X940S IR illuminator to the connector (5) in the device or battery (Digisight Ultra LRF riflescope).
  7. Pull down/lift up the lever (3) (depending on the model of the device) to fix the IR illuminator on the device.