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Digisight Ultra LRF
Digisight Ultra LRF

Table of contents

Technical Inspection

During the technical inspection, recommended before every use, check:

  • External view of the riflescope (cracks, deep dents and corrosion are not allowed).
  • Correct and reliable mounting of the riflescope on your rifle (clearances are not allowed).
  • The state of objective lens, eyepiece, IR illuminator and rangefinder lens (cracks, grease spots, dirt, water stains and other residue are not allowed).
  • Correct functioning of the controls.
  • Smoothness of the objective lens focus knob and dioptre eyepiece focus knob.
  • The state of the Battery Pack and its charge level: signs of electrolyte leakage, corrosion of the riflescope and IR illuminator contacts are not allowed.