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Digisight Ultra LRF
Digisight Ultra LRF

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SumLight™ Function


The SumLight ™ function substantially increases sensitivity of the CMOS array in lowlight conditions thus enabling observation in low light without using the IR Illuminator.

  • Activate the SumLight™ function by long pressing the UP (7) button.
  • By long pressing the UP (7) button, deactivate this function.
  • “SumLight™” icon (on or off ) is shown in the status bar.

Attention! Upon activation of the SumLight™ function, noise level in the picture increases, frame rate lowers, image slows down - if the riflescope rapidly moves from one side to the other, the picture may be blurred; such effects are not defects. On the riflescope display glowing white dots (pixels) can be seen, the number of dots may increase when SumLight ™ is turned on. This is due to the operating peculiarities of the function and is not a flaw.

Attention! Due to peculiarities of AMOLED display technology, after switching between various reticles, you may notice on the riflescope’s display semitransparent white lines of the previous reticle. They may appear if a new reticle does not contain elements (such as lines, circles, bars etc.) of the previous reticle. After a while, the “ghost image” becomes less noticeable. The appearance of “ghost images” on the display after repeatedly changing the reticle is not a defect and is not considered as a warranty case.