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Digisight Ultra LRF
Digisight Ultra LRF

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Operation Features

The riflescope has been designed for long-term use. To ensure durability and full performance, keep to the following guidelines:

  • Before use, make sure that you have installed and fixed the mount according to the instructions of the Mounting On the Rifle section.
  • Turn the riflescope off after use.
  • Attempts to disassemble or repair the scope will void the warranty!
  • The riflescope can be used in a wide range of temperatures. If it has been brought indoors from cold temperatures, do not turn it on for 2 to 3 hours. This will prevent external optical surfaces from fogging.
  • If the scope is unable to mount onto the rifle securely (without backlash, strictly along the trunk line), or you have doubts about the mounting system, see a qualified gunsmith.
  • Using a rifle with a poorly mounted scope can lead to inaccurate target shooting!
  • To ensure reliable performance, prevent and address the causes of premature wear or element failure, it is recommended to carry out regular technical inspections of the unit.
  • To ensure optimal image in the daytime, the lens cover with integrated filter must be closed.