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Trail 2 LRF
Trail 2 LRF

Table of contents

Add New Distance

To zero your rifle, you need to set a zeroing distance first. You can zero your rifle at any distance ranging from 1 to 910m (1 to 955 yards).

  1. Enter the main menu with a long press of М (4) button.
  2. Press UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons to select Reticle Setup menu item.
  3. Enter submenu Reticle Setup with a short press of M (4) button.
  4. Enter submenu Add New Distance with a short press of M (4) button.
  5. Set values for each digit with UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons. Switch between the digits with a short press of M (4) button.
  6. Having set the desired distance value, hold down M (4) button to save it.

The distance you set first becomes a primary distance – shown with an icon on the right to the distance value.

Note: max. number of zeroing distances is 10 for each profile.