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Trail 2 LRF
Trail 2 LRF

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Thermal imaging riflescopes Trail 2 LRF are designed for the use on hunting rifles, both in the nighttime, and in the daylight in inclement weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) to see through obstacles hindering detection of targets (branches, tall grass, thick bushes etc.).

Unlike the image intensifier tube based night vision riflescopes, thermal imaging riflescopes do not require an external source of light and are not affected by bright light exposure.

Trail 2 LRF riflescopes are equipped with a high precision built-in laser rangefinder which allows distance measurement up to 1000 meters.

The Trail 2 LRF riflescopes have a wide range of applications including night hunting, observation and terrain orientation, search and rescue operations.

To get started, see the sections:

Battery Charging

Battery Installation

Installation of Mount

Powering on and Image Setting


Microbolometer Calibration

Stream Vision 2

Ballistic Calculator