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Trail 2 LRF
Trail 2 LRF

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Menu item Rangefinder allows you to set up built-in rangefinder’s parameters.

  1. Enter the main menu with a long press of the M (4) button.
  2. Select the submenu Rangefinder  with the UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons.
  3. Enter the submenu with a short press of the M (4) button.
  4. Select the desired menu item with the UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons.

Reticle Type

Selection of rangefinding reticle

  1. Select the Reticle Type  menu item with the UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons.
  2. Press briefly the М (4) button to enter submenu.
  3. Select one of the three reticle shapes  with the UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons. 
  4. Confirm selection with a brief press of the М (4) button.
  5. Selected reticle will appear on the display.
  6. The reticle will disappear from the display if the rangefinder is not used longer than 4 seconds.

Target Position Angle

Function Target Position Angle (ТРА) allows you to see angle of target location (angle of elevation). When the function is activated, the angle is shown continuously in LRF stand-by mode in the top right corner of the display.

  1. Select TPA  with the UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons.
  2. Turn TPA on/off with a short press of the М (4) button.

True Distance

Function True Horizontal Distance (THD) allows the user to measure true horizontal distance to a target based on the angle of elevation.

  1. Select THD  with the UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons.
  2. Turn THD on/off with a short press of the М (4) button
  3. Hereinafter the message THD will appear above the distance readings.