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Trail 2 LRF
Trail 2 LRF

Table of contents

External Power

The riflescope can be powered with an external power supply such as Power Bank (5V).

  1. Connect external power supply to USB port (10) of the riflescope.
  2. The riflescope switches to operation from external power supply, and the IPS7 Battery Pack will begin charging slowly.
  3. Display will show a battery icon  with charge level as a percentage.
  4. If the riflescope operates on external power supply but the Battery Pack is not installed, an icon  is shown.
  5. When external power supply is disconnected, the riflescope switches to the internal IPS7 battery pack without powering off.

Attention! Charging IPS7 batteries from Power Bank at air temperatures below 0 ° C may result in reduced battery life. When using external power, connect Power Bank to the switched-on riflescope, which has worked for several minutes.