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Trail 2 LRF
Trail 2 LRF

Table of contents

Status Bar

The status bar is located in the lower part of the display and shows current operating status of the riflescope, including:

  1. Image inversion mode (only Black Hot)
  2. Current zeroing profile (for example А)
  3. Zeroing distance (for example, 100 m)
  4. Operating mode (for example Forest)
  5. Calibration mode (in the automatic calibration mode, three seconds before automatic calibration a countdown timer  is shown in place of the calibration mode icon)
  6. Current full magnification (for example x2.0)
  7. Microphone
  8. Wi-Fi connection status
  9. Function “Auto shutdown” (for example 5 min)
  10. Current time
  11. Power indication:
    • Battery charge level  (if the riflescope is powered by the Battery Pack).
    • External battery power indicator  (if the riflescope is powered by an external power supply).